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Type: Artigo
Title: Long-range dependence and multifractality in the term structure of LIBOR interest rates
Authors: Cajueiro, Daniel Oliveira
Tabak, Benjamin Miranda
Abstract: In this paper we present evidence of long-range dependence in LIBOR interest rates. We study a data set from 2000 to2005, for six different currencies and various maturities. Empirical results suggest that the degree of long-range dependence decreases with maturity, with the exception of interest rates on Japanese Yen and on Indonesian Rupiah. Furthermore, interest rates have a multifractal nature and the degree of multifractality is much stronger for Indonesia (emerging market). These findings suggest that interest rates derivatives should take these features into account. Furthermore, fixed income risk and portfolio management should incorporate long-range dependence in the modeling of interest rates.
Keywords: Global Hurst exponents
Interest rates
Long-range dependence
Citation: CAJUEIRO, D ; TABAK, B . Long-range dependence and multifractality in the term structure of LIBOR interest rates. Physica. A, v. 373, p. 603-614, 2007
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Document date: 2007
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