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Type: Artigo
Title: Rooteomics: the challenge of discovering plant defense-related proteins in roots
Authors: Mehta, Angela
Magalhães, Beatriz S.
Souza, Djair S. L.
Vasconcelos, Erico A. R.
Silva, Luciano P.
Grossi-de-Sá, Maria Fátima
Franco, Octávio L.
Costa, Paulo H. A. da
Rocha, Thales L.
Abstract: In recent years, a strong emphasis has been given in deciphering the function of genes unraveled by the completion of several genome sequencing projects. In plants, functional genomics has been massively used in order to search for gene products of agronomic relevance. As far as root-pathogen interactions are concerned, several genes are recognized to provide tolerance/resistance against potential invaders. However, very few proteins have been identified by using current proteomic approaches. One of the major drawbacks for the successful analysis of root proteomes is the inherent characteristics of this tissue, which include low volume content and high concentration of interfering substances such as pigments and phenolic compounds. The proteome analysis of plant-pathogen interactions provides important information about the global proteins expressed in roots in response to biotic stresses. Moreover, several pathogenic proteins superimpose the plant proteome and can be identified and used as targets for the control of viruses, bacteria, fungi and nematode pathogens. The present review focuses on advances in different proteomic strategies dedicated to the challenging analysis of plant defense proteins expressed during bacteria-, fungi- and nematode-root interactions. Recent developments, limitations of the current techniques, and technological perspectives for root proteomics aiming at the identification of resistance- related proteins are discussed.
Keywords: Roots
Mass spectrometry
Citation: MEHTA, Ângela et al. Rooteomics: the challenge of discovering plant defense-related proteins in roots. Current Protein and Peptide Science, v.9, p. 108-116, 2008.
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Document date: 2008
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